The Karma Yoga Project

At Divine Light Yoga, we believe that Karma Yoga is an essential element of a yogi’s practice, no matter what the age of the yogi. We are committed to supporting and guiding both adults and children through their individual Karma Yoga Journey.

​The Karma Yoga Project has been designed to raise awareness and funds for the Thai Child Development Foundation(TCDF), a wonderful charity that supports healthcare, nutrition, education and welfare for disadvantaged children and their families in Southern Thailand.

On 28th August, our students, teachers and trainees will be hosting Children’s Yoga Events around the world, in order to raise money for TCDF. If you would like to get involved, you can organise a donation-based event in your local community. You don’t need to be a qualified children’s yoga teacher to join this event, just an open-heart and an eagerness to share karma yoga with children, teens and adults within your community.

Here are some creative ideas you can incorporate into your Karma Yoga Project Event.

Chocolate Meditation

(You can also do a Strawberry Meditation for a slightly healthier version)

This is one of my favourite mindfulness techniques! Its a fun and easy activity suitable for children (and adults) of all ages! It encourages children to eat with more awareness of their senses and bodily changes as well as encouraging appreciation for their food. Present the children with a square of chocolate (or a strawberry) and without touching it, observe its shape, size, colour. Encourage children to use their senses by asking questions such as, “How does it smell?” “What does it look like” as well as questions to draw attention to their body; “What sensation do you feel in your mouth when you look at the food?” “Can you notice any feelings in your stomach as you smell the food?” Pick up the food slowly and observe it in your fingers. If you’re using chocolate during your meditation, this is where it can start to get messy as it melts in your fingers! Encourage the children to observe the feeling as they hold it in their hand; notice the temperature and texture. Slowly place the food on your tongue, without biting into it, just notice the sensations on your tongue and what you can feel inside your body. Take a few moments before you bite into it, to notice what you can taste. As you start to chew, notice if the taste and texture change. Follow the path of the food as you swallow, moving your awareness from your mouth, to your throat and stomach. Bring your attention back to your mouth and enjoy the yummy sweet after-taste. The children can follow up this mindfulness activity with reflection by sharing, journaling or drawing about their experiences.

Ecstatic Dance & Movement

At Divine Light Yoga, we recognise any form of creative expression and freedom as yoga. Dance and free-movement allows both children and adults, the opportunity to connect with their bodies, breath and emotions whilst being in a meditative state as they completely let go of any thoughts or judgements. Many of us are familiar with the highly therapeutic effects of free-dance, so share this with the children and ad