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Must-have books for kids yoga

Book recommendations are probably the number one thing that I'm asked for by our community (aside from asking about behaviour management and engagement strategies for kids yoga)

As much as love good-old google and instagram for a dash of inspiration for my yoga classes, nothing beats flicking through a much-loved book to get the creative ideas flowing.

These are some books that I used to use ALL of the time when I first started teaching, and they’re actually still a good reference for when I need a spark of inspiration.

✨ Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Babies - I love this book, not just for the cute pictures and easy-to-follow guides, but it's full of baby massage activities and baby-bonding techniques for parent and child. So whether you want to incorporate baby yoga at home with your newborn, or want some new techniques for your baby yoga classes, this is a beautiful book to have to hand. (Take a look at it here)

Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Toddlers & Preschool - Packed full of age-appropriate, creative, engaging poses and techniques for the tiniest of yogis, and it includes mini yoga sequences specifically for this age-group, which makes it easier than ever to share yoga with young children at home or in your classroom. (Take a look at it here)

The Yoga Bible - A super user-friendly guide to the fundamentals of safety, alignment, modifications and variations of hundreds of poses (this is how I used to keep my teen yoga classes safe but really fun and challenging). I love that it also includes an introduction to mudras, bandhas and breathing techniques. (Take a look here)

I'd love to hear what your favourite books for children's yoga are. Comment below let me know what kids yoga books you love.

PS. If you're a children's yoga teacher looking for extra support in leading creative, meaningful, engaging classes for children, get my free lesson plan and video series HERE

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