3 Easy-To-Implement Daily Mindfulness Techniques for Kids

Mindfulness has become an every day word that rolls off the tongue of parents, educators, therapists and even children.

Whilst there are endless benefits, from enhancing children’s concentration and self-regulation to create a calm, happy and healthy children, the logistics and realism of implementing mindfulness practices in a day-to-day setting, are not as easy as some suggest (but that’s why I am here to offer some guidance).

Mindfulness is a technique in which we are re-training children’s brains to become more aware of their surrounding environment, emotions and physical sensations, eventually leading them to a more balanced, focused state in which they can calmly and compassionately accept each given moment, regardless of the situation in which they are faced with, which as adults, we know, is no easy task!

In order for children - and adults - to reach this state, we need to consistently support them in improving their concentration, patience and perseverance.

If you’re wondering how to realistically support your child with the use of mindfulness, when they struggle to even sit still for 30 seconds, then you may find the following techniques very useful.

They’re simple, fun, engaging and easily implemented in any environment.

1. Walking Meditation

– This one can be done anywhere! Whether its in the park, your walk to school or even just walking from the bathroom to the bedroom.