Into the Wild

Yoga is not a team sport. Yoga is an individual, highly personal practice, where your mat is your world, you are focusing on yourself, trying to be aware and mindful and don’t even try to look at others! Partner yoga with Sharikay and Laura was a brand new experience to me.

We were told that, through partner yoga children have a chance to connect, learn to cooperate and trust each other and how to give and receive help from others. Wow! All that by just practicing yoga in pairs?! The leading teacher – Sharikay (known as well as Shakira, Cherry Cake or my personal nick name – Kalashnikov, as she is shooting with words and ideas like crazy) made it fun and simple, without going into unnecessary details or focusing on visual aspects (not much time for cool pictures for Facebook or Insta…).

With the accuracy of a Swiss watch and God’s speed, our Master of Puppets led us through a sequence of different posses, movements and partners. Practice, practice, practice. We do, we feel, we learn. Collapsing figures, different sizes’ bodies and even roosters jumping into the yoga sala, nothing could stop the show. Somewhere in the middle of Savasana, holding the hand of my new partner in crime, I realized how this short class quickly brought us together and helped us to be open to each other. To perform any partner pose, you really have to communicate, read and respond to your partner’s reaction. You would be surprised, how difficult it can be even with someone that you already know; how much we have to learn about ourselves and how this kind of practice can help us with that. After that session there was not much more to explain. Theory class focused on how to adapt the poses to needs and abilities of children of different ages, variations and options, funky names. All it’s fun, love and butterflies.