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Welcome to the Jungle

On Saturday morning, six yogi witches, from all over the world, arrived at Eco-Logic Resort. Yoga teachers of different ages, cultural background and family status, gathered to share knowledge and experience to help raise little yogis, so that children can develop essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

It really felt like a witches gathering! Laura welcomed us in a sacred circle surrounded by juicy green jungle and decorated with enormous banana leaves, flowers and weeds found in the rainforest… From the very first moment we were introduced to techniques that can be used whilst working with children. Arranging an appropriate space is one of the first steps in preparing for a successful yoga journey. It makes such a difference for us adults to be surrounded by nature while trying to connect with ourselves, so it’s at least twice as that important when it comes to kids.

After a couple of words of introduction, we were led through guided meditation, so we could connect with our inner child. I know it sounds like some new age stuff or at least like a line from “Eat, Pray, Love” and usually makes me want to run but I had no choice. So, I tried and I found out that it actually works. To connect with children, you have to find a child within yourself. If you won’t, you will be another boring adult and who wants to be like that?! My inner child seemed to be very familiar and it felt like meeting an old friend. When we were asked to draw ourselves it felt (and looked) like we went back in time… Look at this beautiful drawing! My 5 years old cousin wouldn’t guess it’s an adults’ job.

As the connection has been established, answering a couple of simple yet meaningful questions helped us to crystallize and understand our motivations and wishes. Who am I? Why did I spend 20 hours on a plane to get here? What do I want to learn? What is for dinner? And then, magically one of the banana leafs becomes a Wonderwall, which keeps and shares our dreams and hopes… at least for next 11 days.

To close this fruitful afternoon, we have been served with intentions cards, flowy yoga practice and insanely delicious vegetarian dinner, after which we should probably repeat the yoga class… twice. But who cares! Kids are not concerned about these kind of details as shrinking yoga pants, right?

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