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Tiny Yogis

At Divine Light Yoga, we like to introduce yoga to children and babies as young as 8 weeks old. We believe that the basic concepts of yoga movement, massage, breathing and relaxation can be introduced to tiny yogis through music, play and story-telling. Yoga for the under 2’s can be highly beneficial and therapeutic both physically and mentally. Heres some tips on Yoga for little ones; * Keep it Simple: Make sure the poses and breathing techniques you introduce are age-appropriate and realistic for young children to copy. Don't overwhelm young children with complicated instructions or movements. * Sing, Sing, Sing: Children under the age of 2 years, respond to and learn through music. Introducing basic poses and breath-work through popular children's songs and rhymes is the perfect way to encourage children to participate in yoga. So, let go of your inhibitions and sing, sing, sing!

* Short and Sweet: At this age, children have a very short attention span, and whilst yoga is a wonderful way to improve concentration and focus, keep the activities and sessions short, to keep their interest and attention. Try introducing yoga in smaller 10-min sections throughout the day. * Chillax: Sometimes it seems impossible to get a toddler to relax but if you present it in an interesting way, children will be keen to have quiet relaxation time. Dim the lights and lie like a star; place some interesting relaxation music on (I love Rock-a-baby for this age group) or sing a lullaby; spray some lavender oil; give them a massage or encourage self-massage to their hands & feet; give them a little eye-pillow; and introduce a breathing buddy (a cuddly toy to place on their belly). Don't expect them to be silent or completely still, let them relax in their own way. Give them time to settle into the relaxation. * Have Fun! At this age, children love to observe and copy adults so if they see you're having fun with yoga, so will they!

We’ll be introducing our NEW training workshops on Yoga for Under 2’s in early 2017. To keep updated, email

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