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Partner Yoga

Partner yoga is so much fun and highly beneficial for all ages! Partner poses build a sense of trust and community; develop confidence and create friendships; it can be empowering and supports children to get a deeper stretch in the poses.

It is particularly beneficial to children with special needs as it allows the adult to support a child with physical disabilities in a fun and interactive manner, without the child feeling as if they are struggling or reliant on the adult for help. Ensure that the partner poses that you use give the child a degree of independence whilst you support them.

Here’s our top 7 partner poses that are suitable for all ages and abilities. Give them a try in your next class and experiment to create your own partner poses.

Lazy Gecko

One child lies on the floor in child’s pose whilst the partner lies on top (back-to-back) with arms and legs stretched.

Caterpillar & Buterfly

Sitting face-to-face, partner 1 sits with legs stretched out (caterpillar), partner 2 sits in Badha Konasana (butterfly). Partners hold hands/wrists; the butterfly folds forward as the caterpillar leans back and vice versa.

Partner Folds

Children sit back to back, one child folds forwards and the partner leans back. Children can sit crossed legged, with legs stretched out or with soles of feet together in Badha Konasana.


Children lie down with their feet touching their partners feet. Children move their legs forwards and backwards/ in circles whilst keeping contact with their partners feet.

Double Boat

Children sit with their feet together, holding hands. Children lift their feet off the floor, in-between their hands so that they are balancing on their sit-bones.

Full Moon

Children sit down facing each other with legs out wide, feet touching. Both children reach their right arm over to the left foot, with their arms overhead (elbow beside their right ear).


Partner 1 lies on his/her abdomen with knees bent, holding the back of their head; partner 2 sits on the top of partner 1’s feet and takes hold of his/her elbows, gently pulling partner 1 up into a backbend.

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