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The Fellowship of Divine Light Yoga

On Wednesday morning, five yogi witches from all over the world, gathered in a sacred circle in the middle of the jungle, to share their energies, to sing, paint and play… and to say goodbye. Each of them will take a part of that circle to their countries, schools and homes to educate children in the yogic lifestyle.

There are decades that separate us from childhood, but during the last twelve days with a little help of old and new friends, we managed to reconnect to that distant place. Turns out your inner child is never so far away after all. It’s good to remember that, no matter where we go.

The closing ceremony gave us a sense of community and mission. It started with collective chanting led by Laura. At that point, each of us gladly joined, liberated from this grown-up mindset on what is appropriate and what makes us look silly. Then the Master of the Ceremony guided us through the Inner Child and Future Self Meditation, which helped us to visualize ourselves on our life paths and prepared us for Mandala painting, through which we expressed that vision. To add even more playfulness we had drawn Tarot cards to see what the future brings for us. I ended up with the “Stability and Joy” card. This totally answered what I was longing for. After months of travels I hoped to find it in Penang, Malaysia, the next stop in my yoga and life journey. It’s nice that the Universe planned the same for me! The most sentimental moment was when we were asked to write a short letter to each other. That reminded me of the pre-smartphone era when writing notes to your friends or partner was a common practice. When did you get a morning memo from your boyfriend last time? Or even a postcard? Think, I am getting old and sentimental… So, we closed the ceremony by awarding certificates proving the qualifications we had gained here. And then, the time to go came. To kill the bitter taste of goodbyes, we were granted with delicious, vegan chocolate cake prepared by Ingrid from the Thai Child Development Foundation to thank us for supporting their cause. This is what the tigers like the most!

Before going to bed that evening, I went through my wishes from the Wonder Wall, which we established at the beginning of the course. Looking at my fears and hopes, I came to the conclusion, that we never know how the Universe will answer our requests. It’s definitely easier for me now to connect with children, knowing the mechanics of their world. I also learned all the tricks to support them in their journey through lifetime which is why I basically became a yoga teacher. Instead of finding less embarrassing replacements for lion’s pose, I found even more ways to embarrass myself... and became more confident about that. Thank you Laura, Sharikay and my fellow trainees, for that life changing experience!

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