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Increase kids confidence & self-esteem with one quick and easy technique

In an age where kids are surrounded by comparison and competition (especially with the amount of time that they spend on social media!), it's easy for their self-esteem and confidence to plummet.

This lack of confidence and self-esteem can soon transform into anxiety and even depression in young children and teens, so it's essential that we tackle this problem ASAP.

So, in this video, I discuss how to use positive affirmations in a playful and engaging way to increase kids and teens confidence and self-esteem instantly, for mental health and emotional well-being. As always, its quick, easy, effective and actionable!

I'd love to hear your insights so leave a comment below the video to let me know how you intend to use these techniques this week!

PS. Looking for more techniques to increase children's confidence, resilience and stress-management skills, and to support their mental and emotional well-being? Take a look at my Healthy Mindset Kit for Kids, HERE, it's perfect for the classroom, therapeutic sessions and your home.

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