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Parent Resource Bundle: Relaxation Time Made Easy

This bundle includes some of my best resources and teachings to support you in creating relaxation and ease in your home.


These activities can be used before bedtime, after school, on a rainy day or whenever your children (and you) need some quiet time.


Through this bundle of resources and workshops, you'll gain practical activities and knowledge on how to best support your children to regulate their bodies to transition into a calm, grounded, relaxed state.

Original Price: $450usd
Now: $95usd

Limited Time Offer

Are you a parent who wants to:


  • Gain child-friendly, relatable and engaging practices that help your children and teenagers to regulate their own nervous system, thoughts and emotions so that they can feel relaxed, happy and at ease?

  • Share and connect through creative and engaging mindfulness and self-management activities to create a calm, happy home (and family)?

  • Support your children and teens with self-regulation skills; helping them to feel relaxed and focused, to optimise their health, well-being and learning, and expand their social and emotional development?

  • Understand and learn how specific yoga, mindfulness and meditation techniques can best support your children and family on a daily basis?


  • Share practical, fun and relevant strategies and activities with kids 2-18 years olds that they can use independently and on-the-spot when they need to regulate themselves during daily challenges and difficult emotions or when they need to slow-down before bedtime or after-school?


Student Review

"I gave one of Laura's free courses a go and I was hooked! I learned so much in that 45 minutes that I couldn’t wait for more.

I completed Laura’s 95 hour yoga course in December 2020. The course was interactive, soooo informative, fun and I met the most amazing people on it. I felt completely ready to teach yoga to children and have been doing so online for the last three weeks.

The training didn’t stop at the end of the course. Laura is available to answer questions we have, give advice and support us whenever we need it.

I would highly recommend any/all of Laura’s courses, you won’t be disappointed".

- Annika, Children's Behaviour Coach & Founder of Invigasoul

Laura Workshop.jpg

What's Included?

  • 2 x 10-Minute Mindfulness & Relaxation Videos for Kids: "Floating On A Cloud" and "Listen to the Rain": In these beautifully created video, Laura engages children's imagination, 5-senses and attention-skills to rest and relax their mind and body as they are guided through calming breathing techniques, a fun mindfulness activity and relaxing visualisations. (Original Price: $240usd)


  • 1 x 10-Minute Relaxation Video for YOU: Stretch, Breathe & Release: Slow, simple, seated stretches and guided breathing techniques to instantly release tension in your body and relax your mind. These mindful movements are easy-to-follow, highly effective and target specific parts of your body, leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and calm, great for when your little ones have gone to bed and you need 10-minutes of down-time for yourself. (Original Price: $120usd)


  • Parent Workshop: Self-Regulation Skills for Children: Learn child-friendly, relatable and engaging practices that helps children and teens to regulate their own nervous system, thoughts and emotions. (Original Price: $39usd)


  • Meditation Script Book: Easy-to-read, fully guided, mindful meditation scripts infused with mindfulness, breathing, meditation and mantra to transform your child's anger, fears, doubt, anxiety and confusion into confidence, courage, calm, creativity, concentration and clarity. (Original Price: $29usd)


  • Printable Activity Book with over 25 Activities and Fun Sheets: Simple, bite-sized fun-sheets, daily mantras, activities and age-appropriate meditations for you to nourish your child's mind. It's designed so that children can benefit from it whilst doing it independently, enhancing their self-help skills OR can you do it together as a way to connect and enhance your entire family's mindset and mental well-being. (Original Price $19usd)



  • Realistically Implementing Yoga, Mindfulness & Well-Being Practices into Your Child's Every Day Life: A quick 15-minute audio and printable plan with very practical ways to implement specific techniques and activities (without adding more hours to your day!) that can really change your children's health and well-being, and your family's lifestyle, long-term.


Original Price: $450usd

Now: $95usd

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