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Kids Yoga Teacher Resource Bundles

Teacher Resource Bundle: Kids Yoga Made Easy

Start and grow your kids yoga classes and events in your classroom or community with ease (and fun)


Original Price: $900usd
Now: $180usd

Limited Time Offer

Student Review



"Laura is brilliant. She is very approachable & knowledgeable. She is very easy to listen to and the workshop was well laid out, well planned and brilliantly delivered"

- Zeina, School Teacher

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Student Review

"I gave one of Laura's free courses a go and I was hooked! I learned so much in that 45 minutes that I couldn’t wait for more.

I completed Laura’s 95 hour yoga course in December 2020. The course was interactive, soooo informative, fun and I met the most amazing people on it. I felt completely ready to teach yoga to children and have been doing so online for the last three weeks.

The training didn’t stop at the end of the course. Laura is available to answer questions we have, give advice and support us whenever we need it.

I would highly recommend any/all of Laura’s courses, you won’t be disappointed".

- Annika, Children's Behaviour Coach & Founder of Invigasoul

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What's Included?


  • Teacher Workshop: Successfully Lead Family Yoga

Gain success strategies for behaviour management in family yoga, sequencing family yoga sessions, specific meditations and poses to make your family yoga classes engaging, meaningful and one that families will return to again and again.

Learn the art of skillfully educating parents on the benefits of all that you share whilst simultaneously engaging children of all ages, as well as creating a nurturing, playful, positive environment in which children, parents and carers can re-connect

Confidently lead multi-level, multi-generation family yoga sessions in your community and online.

(Original Price: $150usd)


  • Keeping Kids Safe: Teacher Training (3-hour training)

Keeping children safe is  a fundamental part of being a great children's yoga teacher that fully supports each child's needs and in this 3-hour training, I give you specific formulas, teaching skills, alignment cues, pose modifications and adjustment tips so that you can keep children and teenagers safe in your kids yoga classes.

(Original Price: $150usd)



  • Teacher Workshop: Breathing Techniques for Kids

Learn specific breathing techniques (pranayama) and effective teaching skills to creative share with different age groups in order to support them to transform stress, anxiety and worry to feelings of being grounded and relaxed.

Relieve physical discomfort, pain and tension headaches. Shift extreme tiredness, fatigue, lethargy and exhaustion to being awake, alert, energised and focused. Eliminate Irritability, anger or frustration within seconds. All through specific breathing techniques that work for ALL age groups (including adults)

(Original Price: $39usd)


  • Yoga and Relaxation Video for YOU: Relax and Restore (10-min)

Mindful movements and simple seated stretches that are easy-to-follow, highly effective and target specific parts of your body, leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and restored. Perfect for your lunch break or inbetween classes when you need an extra energy-boost.

(Original Price: $120usd)




  • 2 x Lesson Plans: Happiness-Themed for 3-7 Years and 8-11 Years

Provide an engaging, creative and meaningful yoga and mindfulness class for children focused on the theme of Happiness. The lessons are inclusive of all aspects of yoga - poses, breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, all themed around happiness, to enhance children's social and emotional health .

(Original Price: $7usd)



  • Training Workshop: Become An Expert At Leading Parent Workshops

Successfully and effortlessly lead parent workshops with ease and joy. Learn how to effectively engage parents and create a supportive, open space for sharing and learning yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for their children.

You’ll gain strategies to positively take the lead, creatively manage large groups, deal with challenging questions, organise your time and ensure every parent leaves feeling supported, inspired and excited to start sharing mindfulness and yoga with their children at home.

Includes, my done-for-you, tried-and-tested lesson plan of my parent workshop that you can use immediately. This is the workshop that I am asked to lead Globally to parents of communities all over the world and now you can start leading workshops like this too.

(Original Price: $300usd)



  • Training Workshop: Plan, Lead & Sell Kids Yoga Birthday Parties & Events

Get practical ideas and techniques in how to create, manage, lead, sell and profit from mindful, unique, age-appropriate yoga birthday parties and events for kids and teens, with ease and fun.

You'll learn age-appropriate games, activities, themes and resource ideas for children aged 3-16 years. Package ideas and samples to increase your sales and make your birthday parties and events extra special and unique (stand out from the crowd).

Gain easy to implement ideas on how to get your first birthday party job and pricing and marketing strategies to start making a profit on your kids yoga birthday parties and events, right away!

(Original Price: $150usd)

Original Price: $900USD / Price now: $180USD

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