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4th -12th May 2024

Do you want to create a nurturing space for children and teens to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas freely?


Do you want to share essential tools with children and teens to become resilient and confident, to self-regulate, self-soothe and heal themselves independently?


Do you want to share concepts and ideas of gratitude, self-worth, awareness, respect, empathy and connection?

Are you ready to spend 10 light-hearted, nourishing and playful days learning everything your need to know to confidently share all aspects of yoga and mindfulness to support children's emotional and mental health?

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the location

Do you dream of being immersed in the white sand, aquamarine ocean and lush greenery of the Caribbean? 

Strolling through tree-lined streets, passing colourful buildings and quirky coffeshops, being immersed in traditional Mexican food., culture and music.

The bohemian town of Tulum on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico offers this and much more.

The Studio

Estudio Vivo in Tulum Centro is a beautiful, open-air bamboo yoga shala and dance studio surrounded by lush trees and gardens. Laura teaches weekly yoga and parent & toddler sensory classes in this nurturing studio and she is excited to share this space with you during the 9-day training.

Estudio Vivo has a vegan restaurant & cafe below, as well as being surrounded by lovely coffeeshops, juice bars, local food stalls and Mexican restaurants, making it a great location to stroll around and enjoy during our lunch breaks.

The studio is in an easy and very safe location in Tulum town, just a 8-min scooter drive / 15-min cycle to the beach and a 5-min drive / 10-min cycle to the popular, Boho areas of Aldea Zama and La Veleta.

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where to stay.

There are hundreds of beautiful airbnb apartments and hotels to suit all budgets from backpacker to luxury. There are 4 main areas of Tulum:

Centro: This is where our studio is located. Centro is more busy, lively and full of life. You can find boutique hotels and air bnbs all over centro, all surrounded by bustling food stalls, markets, restaurants and bars. You can easily walk or cycle from anywhere in Centro to the studio.

The Beach: Here you will find luxurious hotels and really experience high-end Caribbean life. The beach is 12kms long with luxurious beach bungalows, eco-luxury jungle suits and fine-dining restaurants. No matter where you stay, you will not be disappointed with the views of the beach. We highly recommend getting a scooter if you plan to stay at the beach so that you can easily drive to the studio each day.

Aldea Zama: This is a newer part of Tulum that is a relaxed, residential area surrounded by nature and is where Laura chooses to live. Its very quiet , secure and green, with cute cafes, restaurants, cenotes and health & fitness studios. It is mostly an international community here. There are many Airbnb apartments to choose from and  it is a 7-minute scooter / 12 min cycle to the studio, and a 15-min scooter to both sides of the beach. Its an easy walk or cycle to La Veleta.

La Veleta: Also a new part of Tulum. This is an up-and-coming, more trendy neighbourhood with beautiful boutique stores and small cafes that all line the small unpaved roads. It is an easy 10-min cycle to the studio from this area.

Getting around: We highly recommend renting a scooter or ATV whilst you're here as its the quickest and easiest way to get around, especially if you plan to stay at a hotel on the beach or want to catch sunset at the beach every day.


You can also easily and safely cycle everywhere which is another option that many people take but many of the roads are unlit at night, and in La Veleta there are many unpaved roads which can make it a challenge to cycle in, especially in the dark

If you don't want to cycle or drive, we recommend staying in Centro so that you can easily walk to the studio.

who is this training for?

We welcome individuals from all corners of the world, with a whole range of backgrounds, experiences, cultures, languages and professions. We have trained community workers from Guatemala, Play Therapists from Hong Kong, Social Workers from Singapore, Yoga Trainers from South Africa, Parents from Oman, Grandparents from India, Business Professionals from London, Speech Therapists from Austria, Elementary School Teachers from Canada, Sports Coaches from New York, Yoga Teachers from Australia.


  We truly believe that everyone has valuable experience to share with children, teens and families, through yoga and mindfulness. We respect, honor and celebrate our differences (just as we do with children) and we find unity through our shared intentions of making great changes in the world through the power of therapeutic, playful, creative childrens yoga and mindfulness.


The programme

Through interactive assignments, experiential learning, teaching practices and group discussions, we'll explore:

Creative, safe and age-appropriate yoga poses & sequences

Making yoga fun and engaging for little ones all the way to teens

The developing mind & body of children, including the different learning styles and how to tailor your classes to different ages & abilities

Making Yoga Philosophy & Hindu Mythology relevant and interesting for all ages

Incorporating story-telling, play, music, movement, dance, writing and group discussion into yoga

Breathing and meditation techniques to support and enhance children's emotional and mental health

Teaching Practice

One of the absolute highlights of this programme is the opportunity to teach with the children of the local outreach programme.


This is a wonderful chance to share your love, light and joy with children and families that may not ordinarily have the opportunity to experience yoga, play & creativity. This is guaranteed to be one of the most valuable aspects of the training and something that makes us a little unique.

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What's included?

Welcome Lunch

All Tuition Fees and Yoga Alliance certificate

Training Manuals, mats and resources

Exclusive online Master Classes before and after training


Regular price:

Tulum Residents / Locals Price: $1350usd
(Get in contact for details on the local/residence price)


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your teacher

"Laura is inspiring and I came away confident to move forward in my goal of becoming a children’s yoga teacher. Go for it - you won’t look back"
- Ellen, Primary School Teacher

"Laura is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever come across in any field and exudes tons of passion for what she does; which is evident in how she talks about and teaches this practice."
- Jessica, Educational Psychologist

"Laura is a fantastic, caring and knowledgeable teacher. I learned so much over the 10 day course, all of which I now feel confident to instantly use to teach my own children's yoga and meditation classes.

Laura instantly made me feel at ease and part of the group"

- Alex, Early Years Educator

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