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Yoga Alliance RCYT-95 Hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training

Koh lanta, thailand

Do you want to create a nurturing space for children and teens to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas freely?


Do you want to share essential tools with children and teens to become resilient and confident, to self-regulate, self-soothe and heal themselves independently?


Do you want to share concepts and ideas of gratitude, self-worth, awareness, respect, empathy, connection and peace?

Are you ready to spend 10 light-hearted, nourishing and playful days learning everything your need to know to confidently share all aspects of yoga and mindfulness to support children's emotional and mental health?

Our trainings really are one of a kind! We're focused on giving you all the confidence, inspiration and knowledge that you need to thrive as a children's yoga and meditation teacher.

This unique Yoga Alliance Registered programme, combines relevant educational philosophy and up-to-date research with all elements of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, incorporating key teaching methodology and practices plus Laura's 18-years experience of working with children and families, so that you can confidently create, plan, lead and manage interactive, engaging and creative yoga classes for children, teens and families.

We provide you with all the tools, techniques and inspiration that you need to develop your own individual, creative lessons to share with children of all ages and abilities. We are focused on providing a holistic, nurturing environment for children, combining elements of musical mantras, interactive story-telling, art, nature, movement and dance, group discussions and play to explore the principles and practices of yoga and mindfulness.

Our small group trainings give each of our trainees the time and opportunity to discuss, debate and question as well as providing ample one-on-one time with your senior trainer, Laura. Each student has the opportunity to practice teach,  on a daily basis and a practice sessions with children of local community. Your senior trainer, Laura, provides positive, constructive feedback - supporting and guiding you with your development as a children’s yoga teacher.


"Laura brings so much passion and light into the teaching space! This course has been organic, holistic and so relevant to our lives!"

Babita, Parent

The Resort

Our Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (RCYT 95-Hour) will be held at Oasis Yoga Resort, located on beautiful Khlong Dao Beach on the peaceful, tranquil side of Koh Lanta. 


Offering breath-taking views of the sunset over the aquamarine ocean, green mountains and a 3 kilometre long, white sand beach.  

The beautiful newly-renovated bungalows all have private porch with hammocks to chill out and rest, en-suite bathrooms with hot water, air-conditioning, fans and a small fridge. The bungalows are situated around the resort pool and hammock lounge and are surrounded by lush, tropical greenery, just steps away from the beach.


The open-air, mountain view yoga sala is the perfect space to practice mindfulness, presence and delve into the creative world of children's yoga & mindfulness.

The Restaurant

The open-air, pool-side restaurant serves fusion food, fresh delights and healthy treats to suit all dietary requirements. The menu is designed around local produce and ingredients with an emphasis on health and sustainability.


A delicious breakfast, lunch, afternoon treats, smoothies and juices are included each day, as is unlimited french-press coffee, a variety of teas and fresh water.


"Of all the teacher trainings I've attended around the world this was unparalleled. I walked away with so much knowledge, lifelong friends and practical yoga tools that brought me closer to the yoga teacher I wanted to be.

Laura created a beautiful, playful and supportive environment to learn and share. I would recommend Divine Light Yoga a thousand times over without reservation and hope to attend another training soon" - Emma Ceolin, 200-Yoga Teacher Trainer

What is Included?

*  Accommodation in your choice of a private poolside or garden view bungalow

* Breakfast, lunch and afternoon treats each day

* A delicious, fresh welcome dinner

* Fresh juices and smoothies every morning and afternoon

* Unlimited teas, coffee and water

* All tuition fees, training manuals and course material

* Certificate: Yoga Alliance RCYT 95-Hour (Registered Children's Yoga Teacher)

* Exclusive Master Class in Meditation for Children & Teens

* On-going access to our private online support community for Divine Light Yoga Trained Teachers

* Teaching practice with the local children


" This course is a fantastic learning experience that incorporates education, fun, a sense of community and equips you to enter the yoga for children business world with tools, confidence and enthusiasm. Laura has a professional and thorough programme, with an approachable teaching style accessible to people from all backgrounds of work and with all ambitions of use for the course. I cannot recommend Divine Light Yoga highly enough."  

- Naomi, Pediatric Doctor

Who attends our trainings?

We welcome individuals from all corners of the world, with a whole range of backgrounds, experiences, cultures, languages and professions. We have trained community workers from Guatemala, Play Therapists from Hong Kong, Social Workers from Singapore, Yoga Trainers from South Africa, Parents from Oman, Grandparents from India, Business Professionals from London, Speech Therapists from Austria, Elementary School Teachers from Canada, Sports Coaches from New York, Yoga Teachers from Australia.


  We truly believe that everyone has valuable experience to share with children, teens and families, through yoga and mindfulness. We respect, honor and celebrate our differences (just as we do with children) and we find unity through our shared intentions of making great changes in the world through the power of therapeutic, playful, creative childrens yoga and mindfulness.

You do not need any previous experience or training to attend this Children's Yoga Teacher Training


What does our daily schedule look like?


6.30am, Optional Yoga Class or personal yoga practice – An excellent the way to get connected to your intentions for the day as well as learning some new yoga, breathing and meditation techniques (led by the resort yoga teacher - yoga classes are dependent on the resort schedule)


8am, Breakfast


9am, Morning Opening Circle - Starting with a creative check-in led by Laura, to see what everyone is feeling physically, mentally and energetically.


9.15am, Experiential Workshop – Laura demonstrates particular techniques and sequences whilst you take the role of the child or teen. Experiencing the sessions through a child’s eyes, will help you to gain a greater understanding, compassion and empathy for their behavior, thought-process and feelings.


10.45am, Brain-Break - to refresh with an organic coffee or freshly squeezed juice


11am, Practice Teaching Time – Laura will give you a fun, theme-related assignment in which you will either be working creative and collaboratively in a small group, partners or independently.


Laura will give immediate constructive feedback in a mindful manner, emphasising your strengths and offering creative suggestions for the future.


12.30, Long, Lazy Lunch – Whether its beach-side, pool-side or above the rainforest, delicious, this is an excellent opportunity to connect on a deeper level with the rest of our community or take time to reflect, nap in a hammock or dive into the fresh ocean


2pm, Afternoon Check-In - With a short visualisation

2.15pm, Afternoon Workshops – Usually a little more relaxed as we recognise that connecting to your inner child through high-energy movement all morning, can be tiring. Our afternoon workshops usually involve Laura sharing her relevant experiences and more gentle experiential learning.


6pm, Daily Closing Circle – An opportunity for any final questions or reflections from the day.



Evenings differ depending on where we are in the world, but we continue to evolve our supportive and playful community through group dinners, local night markets, evening full moon circles, sunset ocean dips and a lot (really, a lot) of laughter!


Through interactive, experiential activities, group discussions, individual assignments and practice teaching time, we will explore:

 🌴 Techniques and activities to introduce breath-work that will support children's mental health and well-being during every day experiences such as anxiety, sleep difficulties, overwhelm and hyper-activity.

🌴 A range of classic and more creative, age-appropriate yoga poses and sequences, and how to teach this to each age group in an interactive and engaging way

Safe practice when teaching yoga poses - what is developmental and age-appropriate and what to avoid

🌴 Creative meditations, including visualisations and moving meditations so that you will confident to share a range of different meditation techniques to children aged 3-18 years old, tailored towards their needs

🌴 Partner and group yoga fun for all ages, including mixed age-groups and family yoga

🌴 Challenging poses for 11-16 year olds including arm balances, back bends and inversions (going upside down!). Don't worry if you don't practice these yourself, we will teach you everything you need to know in order to effectively teach teens

🌴 Combining key Educational Philosophy and teaching methodology so that you can fully understand how children learn and how you can tailor your classes to their learning needs and styles

🌴 Introducing yoga philosophy and practices to children of all ages, including Hindu Mythology and the Chakra System (the energetic body).

A variety of traditional and alternative Mandala Art Meditations to support children to reflect and process difficult emotions and events in their lives

🌴 Creative Mindfulness activities to enhance children's self-awareness and emotional intelligence

🌴 Therapeutic and nurturing yoga techniques for children with Special Needs

🌴 Understanding Autism, ADHD, Sensory Disorders, communication difficulties and social-emotional difficulties and how to effectively use yoga for each of these SEN

🌴 Incorporating art, music, dance and nature into children’s yoga


🌴 Interactive story-telling and yoga journeys for all age groups

🌴 Yoga for children with English as an additional language

🌴 Behaviour management in the yoga class so that you can feel confident to manage a group of children, in a positive and playful manner that enhances their social and behaviour skills

 🌴 Planning & sequencing based on children's learning styles and behaviour patterns


🌴 The business of kids yoga - starting and growing your children and teen yoga classes and events in-person and online


Garden Bungalow (only 4 still available)

A beautiful bungalow, immersed in lush green gardens. Includes small fridge, AC and fan, private balcony, private bathroom with hot and cold water, kettle with tea & coffee
Includes buffet breakfast & lunch, plus afternoon tea and snacks plus tuition fees and resources

Investment: $2850USD / £2350 GBP

Poolside Bungalow

Beautiful poolside bungalow with fridge, AC and fan, private  front porch, private bathroom with hot and cold water, kettle with tea & coffee
Includes buffet breakfast &
lunch, plus afternoon tea and snacks plus tuition fees and resources


2999 USD / £2500 GBP

Tuition & Meals Only (No accommodation) Fee, for those that have their own accommodation: $1950 usd / £1599


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