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Listen to our students' experiences of our Teacher Trainings...

 It was refreshing, enlightening and inspiring to work with someone who is so passionate about Yoga and Mindfulness, but that also has the educational background and ability to inspire teachers to adopt it in a meaningful, realistic and age-appropriate way in their daily classroom routine. Laura ensured that, following each session, where a new principle or practice had been introduced, she facilitated, guided and supported group discussions around how it can be embedded in the everyday classroom schedule. Her games and activities were wonderful for early years. She has taken known games, songs and stories and found simple but effective ways to practice yoga and mindfulness in using them, making the approach accessible to all teachers and removing the challenge in implementing it. The poses and breathing exercises will assist teachers in engaging students, boosting energy levels, calming hyper-energy, addressing emotions and supporting SEN.

-Sarah  Neville, Deputy Head, Dubai

Divine Light Yoga Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect course for classroom teachers, yoga teachers, camp counsellors and parents. It reminds you what its like to be a kid again and have fun playing while learning! Bring out your inner child to learn how to relate to kids in order to teach them more effectively!

  - Danielle Desmond, Elementary School Teacher, USA

Laura is simply...changing the world, one child at a time! And I feel so lucky to have found the course, so I can do the same! You can expect a full toolbox on how to reach, hands on teaching daily, and feeling fully empowered to go out there and do it, once you have completed the course. Meeting and free dancing and mandala yoga-ing with a bunch of like minded peeps is the icing on the cake and the start of a tribe that will support and play with you through your kids yoga journey

 - Audrey Lim, Parent, Singapore

 Laura is brilliant.  She is very approachable and knowledgeable.  She is very easy to listen to and the workshop was well laid out, well planned and brilliantly delivered.

- Zeina, Yoga Teacher & Educator, Abu Dhabi

This was exactly what I was hoping for! This is one of the most useful and inspiring courses I have been on in years.

- Louise Vann, Early Years Teacher, UAE

Laura has amazing energy and worked very hard to transfer the experience gained from many many years into 10 days. Laura and Sharikay are both amazing teachers. I admire their in-depth knowledge in teaching yoga to kids. It was a wonderful experience with these beautiful souls.

    -  Kasinath Sundara, Yoga Teacher, India

The most well thought and complete Yoga Teacher Training  I have ever attended yet. Everyday, you will learn by 'experiencing' each type of classes and by practicing/ teaching what you have learned.

You will end this training with more knowledge, a useful tool box of activities adapted to every kids, some behavior management tips, class ideas, method to write effective visualization, an overview of what a real class could be, valuable feedback, a roadmap for your future projects (the last day workshop is really well done!) and more confidence in your abilities !

The whole training is rich, diverse, playful, fun, poetic and super interesting
Laura is an amazing and generous teacher who has so much knowledge to share, that I can only recommend her and her perfectly thought out training.
No hesitation, GO FOR IT !

- Marine, Parent & Wellbeing Coach, France,


I could not have been happier with the course! ​Laura is so passionate and has such an extensive amount of experience in both Early Years Education and in yoga which was so evident in her teacher training. Everything was taught openly, genuinely and completely from the heart.


I felt that she gave all her students the tools they needed to open their minds to how they approach teaching yoga to young children. I left the training feeling confident and excited about the prospect of applying what I had learned to any situation. It wasn't just power point presentations listing different activities, it was a whole new way of looking at teaching children yoga.


- Gem Ho, Early Years Educator, Hong Kong


I left completely inspired and motivated to continue my yoga practice.


Laura is funny, caring, inspirational, and creates wonderful personalized yoga practices for every student. I was a beginner when I started and Laura made me feel comfortable and really pushed me to further my practice during those three weeks.


I look forward to doing another yoga retreat led by Laura in the future - she's the best around!

 - Madeleine Whitley, Special Educational Needs Teacher USA

The course was very comprehensive and taught a lot of skills not just for yoga teachers but also for parents and classroom educators as well.

  -  Bea Osmena, Children's Story-Teller, the Philippines




It was so evident that Laura was an EYFS teacher herself and was fully aware of the reality of implementing Yoga and wellness into the classroom.   She provided a wealth of practical ideas and activities in a clear manner and allowed plenty of time to discuss and ask questions.   Laura is an excellent trainer and yoga teacher- every activity and technique was so clearly explained and she made it all very fun, useful and purposeful!

- Laura Dowlman, Deputy Head, Dubai

Its always a risk investing time and money into a course when you aren’t  familiar with the teachers but it was the BEST decision! The teachers were so knowledgeable, the course comprehensive and fun too. I feel that Laura and Sharikay worked hard to make us the best teachers we can be and are passionate about spreading yoga to as many children as possible! The curse was a perfect mix of theory and practical and we all felt confident by the end.

 - Natasha Dillow, Community Worker, UK

  For me as a beginner, Laura made me fall in love with yoga and showed me a way to be more positive, kind and mindful. I'm so thankful and happy for meeting her. She's a lovely yoga teacher who knows how to take care of every member in the group and how to combine the yoga with a topic. So every-time you can take a message with you. It's her destiny being a yoga teacher. She's so happy and good at doing it. You can see and feel that.

​  - Eva Mansburger, Speech Therapist, Austria

Coming from a non-teaching background, the 10-day course enabled me to have confidence to conduct a class. Thank you Laura!

Cassandra, Singapore 

This course is a fantastic learning experience that incorporates education, fun, a sense of community and equips you to enter the yoga for children business world with tools, confidence and enthusiasm.


Laura has a professional and thorough programme, with an approachable teaching style accessible to people from all backgrounds of work and with all ambitions of use for the course. I cannot recommend Divine Light Yoga highly enough!

- Naomi, Paediatric Doctor, UK

If you have ever thought you would like to be able to teach children's yoga, then this is the course for you. Laura's approach is creative, relevant, holistic and fun. You will leave with a deeper appreciation of what children's yoga can look like and why it is so important! Laura is one of the most positive, knowledgable and encouraging teachers I have ever met. Do it!

Caroline, Primary School Teacher, Ireland 

Laura, you bring so much passion and light into the teaching space! This course has been very organic, holistic and so relevant to our lives. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a certificate with authentic knowledge. 

Babita, Singapore

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