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Grow Creative thinkers, positive minds, resilient kids, with ease

An online course for parents that does not require endless amounts of time, patience, stillness or setting unrealistic expectations for your little ones

"Laura is simply changing the world, one child at a time! And I feel so lucky to have found the course, so I can do the same!"

-Audrey, Parent

Effortlessly enhance your children's mental health and emotional well-being with this playful, child-centred and realistic approach to mindfulness and meditation

Eliminate hyper-activity, anxiety and emotional overwhelm in your children, enhance their emotional intelligence, self-awareness and positive mindset to give them the life-long tools to become resilient, confident, healthy individuals

" The course is packed with super valuable content presented at a very good pace and in a very easy to understand (and memorable) way. Laura is super engaging - it was difficult for me to take pauses - I kept on wanting to watch more and more!

This course has given me lots of wonderful and beautiful tools to properly guide meditation for children and teens. It also taught me to learn to adapt to the children needs, and how to make meditation accessible for all ages. It really opened my eyes in so many ways and it helped me become a much better teacher for the children.

I definitely recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn more about meditation for children and teens. School teachers, therapists, kids yoga teachers, parents, really anyone, this course will empower you to pass on the magic of meditation to children and teens!"

-Sylvia, Parent

This Course is for you if:

You want to raise resilient, healthy, self-aware children

You want to support children to eliminate their anxiety, emotional overwhelm, hyper-activity, over-stimulation and anger difficulties

You prioritise  your child's emotional and mental well-being, and want to give them life-long skills that they can use to regulate, heal and care for themselves 

You've tried everything to support children through difficult emotions and experiences, and nothing else really seems to work

The course is led by certified, experienced yoga teacher and educator, Laura McEgan, who has over 18-years of valuable experience of working with children, teens and families in education, therapeutic and yoga settings. Laura's approach to teaching is interactive and highly engaging, creating an open-hearted, supportive and empowering space to learn and share.

Real Life Stories from our students

Meditation has changed a lot in our family. My husband and I feel much more at ease, we have learned to live in the moment, to enjoy NOW and accept it as it is, which saves a lot of fuss and stress even in "negative or bad" situations.

Our children LOVE to listen to Laura's visualisation before going to sleep, and we've noticed that when we skip this step they are restless in bed and it takes them much longer to fall asleep."

- Sylvia, Parent

the programme

Part 1: Why children feel & behave in the ways that they do

Understand how to effectively give your children the fundamental but essential skills of concentration, patience, stillness, self-awareness, mind-body connection, through an age-appropriate and creative manner so that any anxiety, over-stimulation or potential challenging behaviour is instantly eliminated.​

This aspect of the course will give you a deep understanding of your children's natural behaviour cycles so that you can understand how and why they behave in particular ways, and how you can instantly identify exactly what they need to self-regulate, so that you can best support them through difficult daily experiences and emotions.

Part 2: Learning to self-soothe & self-heal through art and movement

Learn how to use art as a therapeutic and self-reflective form to encourage children to release anger, anxiety and overwhelming emotions, bringing them to a place of self-awareness, mental calmness and acceptance.


We'll dive deeply into the two essential approaches to mandala art moving meditations - the therapeutic and self-reflective approach and the traditional approach to enhance mindfulness, patience and quietness. 

You'll feel confident and inspired to lead a variety of creative mandala art meditations to support children's mental health, social skills and emotional well-being, with families, large groups and one-to-one.


Part 3: From Hyper-Active & Unfocused to Calm & Engaged through Movement & Music 

Explore movement and music as a creative form to introduce concepts such as a calm, quiet-mind, resilience, self-acceptance and compassion. 

The techniques shared in these videos will give you the knowledge on how to give children with attention and hyperactivity disorders, those with anxiety disorders and challenging behaviour, the essential tools to self-soothe, self-regulate and self-heal on a daily basis.

You'll feel excited and empowered to share a range of creative mantras, affirmations, mudras (traditional hand gestures for concentration) moving meditations and walking meditations so that you can integrate this into children's every day life

BONUS complimentary learning material:

>> Positive and Playful Behaviour Management Strategies (Value: $197usd)

Gain essential skills in positive and playful behaviour management strategies in this short-course which provides fast-acting techniques that can be implemented into any area of your family life, making mindful parenting effortless, creative and 100%  easier for all.

>> My New Meditation Script Book (Value: $29usd)

Over 20 ready-to-read creative scripts to support children aged 4-11 years to feel emotionally free and empowered to overcome daily challenging experiences through meditation.


The book includes essential guidance tips and adaptions for different ages, abilities and interests so that you can tailor the meditations to exactly what the children in your care need.

>> Meditation Audios for Kids (Value $50usd)

This makes  self-awareness and self-regulation, easier than ever!

Your children will enjoy these short, achievable meditations created and led by Laura, each one with a particular focus, including mandala art and musical mantras, making it easier and more playful to manage stress, hyper-activity and heightened emotions, within your family.

>> NEW Video: Realistic & Effective Implementation of Healthy Mindset & Meditation Practices at Home (without adjusting your schedule or creating new time in your day)



invest now to claim these bonuses and save $345usd


total Value: $495usd

price: $150usd

Grow Creative thinkers, positive minds, resilient kids, with ease

Frequently asked questions

1. One question that surfaces over and over again is, “Will I have the time to do the course?”

 The course is completely self-paced and so there is no pressure on when you start or complete the course.

2. How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you'll have ongoing access to the course AND all videos and resources are downloadable to any and all of your devices.

3. What if I want to continue my learning journey with Divine Light Yoga?

We would love for you to continue your yoga journey with us! In addition to our online course, we lead Yoga Alliance certified Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings (RCYT 95-Hours) worldwide. READ MORE

4. Can I teach meditation to children after I complete the course?

Absolutely! This course will fully prepare, motivate and inspire you to lead mindfulness and moving meditation sessions within your family and your community

Our students that have completed the course have not only changed their families life, but have also moved on to work in studios, schools, therapeutic clinics, sports coaching, special needs centres, community centres, health & well-being facilities to support other families through mindfulness & moving meditation

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