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Virtual VIP Days to kick-start your career and business in children's yoga

Have you ever felt that your business or work-life is such a struggle?!

I really felt this when I first started working as a yoga teacher.

I struggled for 2 years, working 12-hour days, running around Hong Kong from job-to-job, my energy completed depleted, relationships ruined, disconnected from my own practice. Why? Why did it feel this way?

It seemed like other yoga teachers were working just a few hours a week, making a great income and thoroughly enjoying their freedom, working on new exciting projects and opportunities. Why wasn't this the case for me?

The real reason - because I didn’t have the business, sales or marketing knowledge. My money mindset was non-existence (I didn’t even know you could have a money mindset) and honestly, I didn’t even know where to start.

And so I didn't. I continued for 2 years working hard, trying to start up new projects and collaborations that didn't go anywhere (even though they were amazing ideas!)

All of this is super-practical, hands-on and of course, playful - because business life should bring joy and inspiration into all areas of your life!

When I 'officially' set up my business 2 years later, I made the decision to be an international yoga teacher and realised I really needed a website. I taught myself how to set up a website and a business Facebook page. It was basic but what did I really need it for anyway? It was just a place to refer people to when they asked about my retreats and teacher trainings.

I ‘launched’ my website (by simply pressing publish) and my Facebook Page and waited for the abundance of emails and opportunities to come in to my brand new email inbox. I waited and waited and waited…..

How naive I was! For the first 18 months of my business, the only students that I had on my courses were friends of friends, or family members and work colleagues of previous students. Do you know why?

I STILL didn’t have the marketing, sales or business knowledge - 2 years on and I still didn't know what I was doing. Apparently, just setting up a website and Facebook page, isn't enough.

I had no idea how to reach the audience that wanted to be reached, the amazing yogis and educators and parents, therapists, health care and social workers that actually needed and wanted my support - I knew exactly what these wonderful people needed but I didn’t know how to convey that to them.

I had all the knowledge and experience one could possibly need in what, I considered to be, the most important aspects of children’s yoga - years of experience working with children and families, certifications in yoga, a degree in education, but what I didn’t have - the knowledge and ability to reach those people that needed me!

So many of my peers and mentors suggested hiring a web designer, a marketing expert, a business manager - that was all great but I was struggling to even pay my rent, how could I afford to pay a marketing expert (and what do they even do anyway?!) Plus, I was adamant that I would not rely on other people to run my business.



My first step was to sort out my money mindset. To understand pricing and how to adequately convey my worth to schools and potential teacher training students. I completed Denise Duffield Thomas’ Course which then led me on to a number of other high-quality courses and coaching with some of the best out there - Jeff Walker, Hilary Rushford, Willo O’Brien, Gabby Bernstien and Marie Forleo ( I am now currently a member of Jeff Walkers Master Mind - always a student!)

What did I learn from spending thousands and thousands of dollars and hours on this?

So SO much! I can tell you that I learnt practical ways to understand and implement the absolute essentials (and beyond) in marketing and sales strategies, coaching and communication with my fabulous audience, simple tech-savvy tricks and tips, pricing and branding, understanding how to see my big vision for the world of children’s yoga and how to convey that with schools, professionals and parents.


Not only that, but I learnt how to make this all very fun and manageable!

I've moved from scrambling around to find teaching jobs to being flown all over the world by reputable yoga studios and international schools, to share my experience, knowledge and love of children's yoga and meditation with people who really want to learn and make an impact on tchildren's lives.

This may all seem very foreign to you right now - believe me, I have absolutely been there! And what I really wish someone had said to me 5 years ago when I had started all of this is, “you should really teach yourself about money mindset and business management”

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Because I want to share ALL that I have learnt (well, as much as I possibly can) with you, so that you can be successful in your business and work-life from Day 1. So that you have a clear direction and feel empowered. So that you can join me in this big vision to create positive impact on the world through children's yoga and meditation - because seriously, the world really really needs us right now.

So, How? How am I planning to get you set up to lovingly take over the world with children's yoga and mindfulness?

Divine Light Yoga VIP Days

Do you thrive in small, intimate group sessions with an inspiring community of like-minded people and a supportive mentor? Do you flourish when given time to ask questions and guidance to process and reflect?

Then our VIP Days are for you.


 A full day, to ask questions, connect with a small master mind of empowering people and delve into your vision for the future - and actually START this!


We will clarify your goals (your big vision, and your small ones too) and I will lovingly walk you through the logistics and practicalities of taking you from idea to execution, so that you don't have to feel confused, overwhelmed or blocked.

We'll delve into,

 * Getting crystal clear on your vision - even if you don't have one right now

 * How to choose and claim your business name

 * How to tackle your Website and Facebook Page - I will literally walk you through how to start up and manage website platforms and Facebook Business Profiles PLUS how to make it eye-catching and appealing to your ideal audience (because it takes far more than a pretty font)

 * Money Mindset - The first and most essential aspect of managing your business (seriously, just ask Richard Branson or Tony Robbins). This will prepare you for an abundant life and understanding how (and why) you can bring more abundance in to your life - because those with abundance in their life, often have more to give and I am all about giving and encouraging others to do so in a mindful way.

 * Pricing Challenges and Strategies

 * Creating profitable and marketable programmes that will change the world!

 *  How to write and sell your programmes to schools, studios, community and health care centres - from idea to execution

 * Organising and marketing LIVE events (for family yoga, fund-raising, workshops and trainings)

 * Programmes and software that you absolutely need to know about to make your business life easier (I promise, I’ll make this super-fun)

All of this is super-practical, hands-on and of course, playful - because business life should bring joy and inspiration into all areas of your life!

You will leave the VIP session with a wealth of practical knowledge, first-hand experience, action plans and some serious motivation of how to effectively start and manage the many different aspects of your business and work-life.

This is only for those that are really ready to step up and make a change in the world, through children’s yoga and meditation.

Even if you’re not sure how or where you want to go but you KNOW you’re ready to make a serious impact, NOW is your time!

Whether you want to set up or expand your yoga classes in your community, enforce children's meditation into the local school system, create children's yoga festivals and events in your home country or lead your own teacher trainings and workshops, this is for you!

And if you don't know what you want to do, that's completely fine too, we welcome you! I have quite the gift of seeing other peoples talents and where the world needs them, so you can leave that up to me. Just bring an open-mind and your enthusiasm (oh and maybe a Laptop).

The bonus of our VIP days are that you will successfully complete in one day what may take you months (or even a whole year) in your every day life.

AND the best part is, you can choose whether to do it in-person in one of our amazing locations OR our virtual VIP days which are really fun too.



2022 Dates released soon

"It's really been amazing to work with Laura and after this experience I feel much more empowered to keep working towards my mission which is to reach more children and spread the benefits of kids yoga, mindfulness and meditation."

-Sylvia, Yoga Teacher








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