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Why Train With Us?

Why Train with Divine Light Yoga?














A few words from Laura, founder & senior teacher              Words of praise from our recent training graduates




What Makes Our Trainings Unique?

Our trainings really are one of a kind! We focus on the therapeutic, creative approach to children’s yoga so that our trainee teachers will be inspired to create yoga classes that are a holistic experience for children of all ages and abilities. Our unique and original programme, combines yoga philosophy and practices with music, dance, art, story-telling and play.

We believe that Yoga Philosophy is fundamental to teaching children’s yoga which is why we incorporate this into our courses by teaching YOU how to creatively teach yoga philosophy to young children and teens. In addition, our programme incorporates key educational philosophies, the psychology and methodology of teaching so that YOU can understand how children learn in order to best teach them in a creative and meaningful manner!

Our courses not only include workshops about imaginative yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation but also;

*Yoga Philosophy (including the 4 Paths of Yoga, The 8 Limbs, The Energetic Body and Ayurveda)

*Hindu Mythology

*Mandala Art Meditations


*Yoga for Children with Special Needs

*Behaviour Management in the Yoga Space

*Working 1:1 with Children

*Creating a Therapeutic Yoga Space

*Understanding the Child’s Developing Mind & Body

*Tailoring Yoga Classes to Each Type of Learner

*The Business of Children’s Yoga …..

Because we are dedicated to ensuring YOU have all of the tools, techniques and inspiration that you need to feel confident to create and lead meaningful yoga experiences for children and teens.  



What Else?

All of our trainings are led by a team of highly experienced educational professionals, children’s therapists and special needs experts, who are also certified, passionate yoga teachers. Each of our trainers has a wealth of wisdom and experience and a huge amount of dedication to children’s yoga & mindfulness. Our team provides a supportive, open-minded, safe space for you to connect to your inner-child, learn and grow. We intend for our trainings to be an enriching experience for each individual to connect, grow and transform.


Our small group trainings give each of our trainees the time and opportunity to discuss, debate and question as well as providing ample one-on-one time with your senior trainers. Each student will have the opportunity to practice teach, within the group, on a daily basis and a minimum of two practice sessions with children. Your senior trainers will provide positive, constructive feedback based on their observations - supporting and guiding you with your development as a children’s yoga teacher.

How Do We Support You After the Training?

We ensure that each of our trainees leaves the course feeling confident, inspired and certified!  Prior to leaving the training, we lead a 3-Hour Workshop about the Business of Children’s Yoga so that we can guide you into creating a realistic plan about how you will use all of your new skills and knowledge to share children’s yoga within your community.

We will add you to our online database of certified Divine Light Yoga teachers so that schools, studios and parents within your community can easily access your classes and contact you directly about private sessions or collaborations.

We provide opportunities for work experience with the Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) at the beautiful Eco-Logic Resort in Thailand. For those that are RYT 200-Hour and newly qualified Children’s Yoga Teachers wishing to gain valuable experience working with the local children and special needs children, we can help you to collaborate with TCDF for month-long (or longer) work-trade yoga teaching positions.


You will have continuous access to imaginative tips and techniques to share in your classes through our monthly newsletter and website blog. You can also join our Divine Light Yoga Graduates Facebook Group in order to stay connected with our community.

We also offer an online Mentorship Programme that is open to all of our trainees and graduates. Read More


Who Should Take Our Trainings?

We appreciate that our teacher trainees have a range of valuable experiences, whether you’re an educational professional, health coach, yoga teacher, child psychologist, therapist, health care professional, social worker, parent or a curious yogi, we want YOU to join our trainings to share your insights and learn how to use your prior experiences to share the principles and practices of yoga with children across the Globe

What Does Your Yoga Journey with Divine Light Yoga Look Like?

*Initial communication with Laura, founder and senior trainer of Divine Light Yoga, to discuss the right course for you. We will discuss your purpose and intentions for taking the course to ensure the course suits your needs and interests.


*Prior to the training, you will receive pre-reading material so that you can begin to familiarise yourself and have a basic understanding of child development and the philosophies that we will work with during the training.   


*The day before the training, your senior trainers will meet with you, one-to-one, in order to get you settled into your new environment and ensure you feel fresh and excited about the next 10-days ahead.

*The first day of training includes an opening circle in which we spend time connecting to our inner-child and set our personal intentions for the training. Our afternoon partner yoga class is the perfect way to get to know your new yoga community and experience how fun and relaxing children’s yoga can be!


*Your senior trainers will take you (and your inner child) on an imaginative, colourful and therapeutic 10-day experience as we explore the world of children’s yoga & mindfulness through experiential learning, group discussions, partner-assignments and practice teaching time.


*By your final teaching practice day, you will have gained an abundance of new skills and knowledge, leaving you enthusiastic and eager to share yoga with children across the Globe. With the support of your fellow trainees and your senior trainers, you will create and deliver your final unique teaching practice based on your interests.


*Once you return home or onward to your next destination, your senior teacher will check-in with you to answer any questions or concerns that may have arisen after the training.

*With your business plan (created during the training) and all of the new skills you have learnt, you can take on the world of children’s yoga with confidence and enthusiasm! We will add you to our online database so that schools, studios and parents can find you more easily.



What Do Divine Light Yoga Teacher Graduates Do After the Training?

Most of our graduates start teaching children’s yoga immediately after leaving the training – some already have classes organised before they leave us. Since we take the time to create an action plan for your business of children’s yoga, our graduates have a clear idea and intentions of what they want to do, upon returning home or to their onward journeys.    

Our graduates are now doing such magnificent work in the world of children’s yoga, some of which include:

  • Opening and managing mindfulness centres and yoga studios in their local community

  • Leading professional development workshops for educators and schools

  • Organising and guiding Family Yoga events

  • Implementing Well-Being Programmes in their workplace and other corporations

  • Leading Yoga for Hapiness and Inner Child workshops and retreats

  • Teaching yoga & environmental awareness programmes in schools

  • Organising Yoga & the Arts events in disadvantaged areas of the world

  • Combining yoga with play therapy, physio therapy or speech therapy

  • Working with the Thai Child Development Foundation as a children’s yoga teacher at their special needs school


Some of our wonderful graduates work directly with Divine Light Yoga as Training Assistants and Lead Trainers.


How Do I Register?!

Take a look at our fabulous course options then email Laura directly at so that we discuss which course best suits your needs, experience and interests.  

 I would highly recommend training with Laura! Mine was amazing and life changing!! - Joanna May, Yoga Teacher, UK

 Laura is an excellent trainer and yoga teacher - every activity and technique was so clearly explained and she made it all very fun, useful and purposeful!

Laura Dowlman, Deputy Head, Dubai

Laura is very approachable and knowledgeable.  She is very easy to listen to and the workshops were well laid out, well planned and brilliantly delivered.

-Zeina, Early Years Educator & Yoga Teacher, Abu Dhabi 

This was exactly what I was hoping for! This is one of the most useful and inspiring courses I have been on in years.

Louise Vann, Early Years Teacher, UAE

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