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I SHOULD teach yoga online vs. I WANT to teach online (but don't know how to)

If the idea of taking your kids yoga classes online does not spark interest, excitement, curiosity or motivation, then perhaps you shouldn't take your class online.

Instead, use this time to get clear on what you do want to do with your classes and business. Use the time to contact schools and studios to offer a yoga and mindfulness program when everything is back up and running as usual (it really won't be too long!)

If you do want to take your classes online but are struggling and need support, join my mindful teachers membership to gain access to my free online workshop this Monday 11th May on "Taking Your Kids Yoga Classes Online with Ease", plus you'll get 16 engaging kids yoga lesson plans, with tips on how to lead each activity online, to save you time and stress in researching and thinking about how to make meaningful and interactive classes online.

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