Grow a Diverse, Inclusive Kids Yoga Community

Grow Your Knowledge, Grow Your Community, Grow Your Impact & Your Income: Online Training for Kids Yoga Teachers

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From stressed & struggling to having fun, making an impact and an income

Effortlessly expand your knowledge, skills and experience to cultivate a diverse and inclusive children's yoga community, to educate parents and other teachers in healthy mindset and self-awareness for kids,

to offer something unique and influential to your community, ultimately increasing your impact and your income.

'Laura is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever come across in any field and exudes tons of passion for what she does; which is evident in how she talks about and teaches this practice. I highly recommend This experience for anyone who wants to teach children!' - Jessica, Social Worker & Kids Yoga Teacher

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This Training is for you if:

You're an enthusiastic, action-taking newbie kids yoga teacher ready to start your kids yoga community and do purposeful work in the world

This Training for you if:

You're a successful children's yoga teacher, longing to offer something unique, rich and valuable to your loyal kids yoga community

This Training e is for you if:

You're well established in your community and you're ready to expand and diversify your reach and your income

The online training is led by certified, experienced yoga teacher and educator, Laura McEgan, who has over 18-years of valuable experience of working with children, teens and families in education, therapeutic and yoga settings. 


Laura's approach to teaching is interactive and highly engaging, creating an open-hearted, supportive and empowering space to learn and share.

" So many fantastic and creative ideas that I cannot wait to share with my community!" - Lisa, Kids Yoga Teacher























































































Frequently asked questions

  1. What if I don’t like the training?

I truly believe that you will love the training, especially the live online video calls (they’re so fun AND mega-useful), BUT honestly, I want everyone in my community to be happy with the course


So if you sign up to the course and you truly do not enjoy it, let me know within the first 14-days of signing up and I will give you a FULL refund.


I have only ever been asked for a refund by 2 people in the 3 years that I have been leading online trainings. And I refunded them without hesitation because I only want people on the training who are fully committed and completely in love with the course.


2. What if I don’t have time?

I’m not expecting you to join every live call, to implement every single action or to even complete the course within the next 12-weeks. It’s totally self-paced, you can take your time or watch the video calls over and over again.


You have full access to the course for the next 15-months. PLUS you can download everything, and keep for the future.


3. What if I don’t have the money right now? Payment plan!

Get started on the course for just $180usd today. Honestly, don’t wait until 2021 – that’s so far away! You could be making huge progress on your business and life, right now.

Besides, I really don’t know if I’ll do a live round again, this is the first time in 3-years, so you may be waiting until 2024 until my next one!


4. Do I really need to do it right now? What will I actually get from it?

  • Have all your questions answered and your individual problems solved through the private support community

  • Have a unique opportunity to ‘pick my brain’ – I literally don’t do this anywhere else outside of my consultation calls and in-person trainings

  • Connect with other kids yoga teachers who have been facing similar difficulties in kids yoga classes and have the same goals and intentions

  • Dive into key strategies to overcome your individual difficulties and expand your knowledge

  • Gain practical tips to implement right away, and you’ll instantly see rapid changes in the behavior of the children in your classes (and your own confidence)


So, are you ready to move from stressed and struggling kids yoga teacher, to a confident, specialized, knowledgeable, wealthy educator in children’s yoga? Join right now.

Real Life Stories from our students

Amy, an international school teacher,

joined the Divine Light Yoga community with the intention of sharing children's yoga and mindfulness in her school curriculum.


Just 6-months after joining the online training, Amy had created Inspired Mindful Children, an online Mindfulness Programme for primary schools, currently being implemented in the UK

the programme

Part 1: Successfully lead and manage Family Yoga

Since working in parent support and leading parent-child classes in music, yoga and art for almost 20-years, family yoga has not only become a great passion of Laura's, but something that is much-needed and emergingly recognised as highly valuable in society.

In this module, you'll:

>> Develop essential strategies and techniques needed to create a nurturing, playful, positive environment in which children, parents and carers can re-connect

>> Gain specific skills and practical strategies to promote compassionate communication among families

>> Learn the art of skillfully educating parents on the benefits of all that you share whilst simultaneously engaging children of all ages in your yoga and meditation class.

>> Gain success strategies for behaviour management, sequencing family yoga sessions, specific meditations and poses to make your family yoga classes engaging, meaningful and one that families will return to again and again

>> Confidently lead multi-level, multi-generation family yoga sessions in your community and online.


>> Develop an action plan to effectively organise and market your family yoga session online and in-person

Having a keen interest and understanding of therapeutic art and play practices, Laura finds Mandala Art Meditations to be essential for anyone sharing yoga and mindfulness with children, in any setting. 


Learn how to use art as a therapeutic and self-reflective form to encourage children to release anger, anxiety and overwhelming emotions, bringing them to a place of self-awareness, mental calmness and acceptance.


Dive deeply into the two essential approaches to mandala art moving meditations - the therapeutic and self-reflective approach and the traditional approach to enhance mindfulness, patience and quietness. 

You'll feel confident and inspired to lead a variety of creative mandala art meditations to support children's mental health, social skills and emotional well-being, with families, large groups and one-to-one.


Part 3: Yoga Nidra to Release Stress & Anxiety in Children & Teens

An advanced and powerful guided meditation technique, shared with Laura during her studies in India, which can be used to support children and teens (and adults) during every day difficult experiences and overwhelming emotions.

If you know that you want to help and empower children through anxiety, stress, over-stimulation, loss, grief, low self-esteem, anger management, forgiveness, self-worth, sleep disorders, de-motivation or lethargy, Yoga Nidra is an essential technique to master.

Part 4: Positive & Playful Behaviour Management Strategies in the Yoga Space

Here Laura shares an abundance of her 18-years worth of tried-tested-and-perfected, highly practical, easily-implemented positive and playful behaviour management strategies - these techniques are priceless!

After implementing the techniques from this masterclass,  you’ll see rapid results in children's behaviour. - You’ll transform chaotic, hyper-active, disengaged, disruptive behaviour to quiet, focused, respectful and kind behaviour,  whilst simultaneously increasing children’s confidence, self-worth and social skills and you'll feel a real sense of ease and joy whilst teaching your kids yoga classes.

Part 5: The Business of Kids Yoga

This one is going to be super-fun! In addition to me supporting you with playful pricing and promotion to expand your kids yoga community and income, via our video call AND exclusive 5-day challenge, you'll get:


>> A specific 5-Step formula to creating a unique trial class /demo class /audition class which will instantly get parents and schools to commit to your kids yoga classes and workshops, making those trail classes and interviews a place where you can thrive and prosper, feeling  100% easier and more manageable.

>> Quick-fix to get your yoga classes into schools

A copy-and-paste email templates and PDF's to approach schools and studios with your kids yoga offerings and proposals - this makes it super quick and easy to contact schools and studios that you desire to work with

>> Promotion & Pricing Made Easy: Video Series

Discover the best approaches to promoting your children's yoga classes (for free!)

How to get parents & schools to commit so that your children's yoga classes become sustainable and profitable - eliminating self-doubt, recognising your own value and increasing self-worth (and your prices)

How to tackle the ongoing struggle of promoting your classes- without paying or going through any difficult processes - simple, playful and easy ONLY!

Course Value: $650usd



PLus these complimentary BONUS materials:

>> 5-Day Challenge on the Business of Kids Yoga


This will absolutely instantly increase your motivation, determination and inspiration to expand your kids yoga community and your income.

In this interactive, challenge, Laura gives you daily doses of new knowledge, inspiration and practical actions to implement and instantly increase your kids yoga reach and community.

Challenge Value: $97usd

>> Meditation Library

From group mandala meditations to yoga nidra sessions, you'll find everything you need to make meditation easy, engaging and relevant for you and the children and families that you work with. These meditation audios are exclusive to this training!

Value: $50usd

>> Top 10 lesson plans


Just to make your life easy. My favourite detailed, easy-to-implement lesson plans, meditation scripts and printable resources. With these plans, you will feel confident and at ease and can focus your time on expanding your classes (instead of stressing about your lesson plans)

Value: $97usd

>> Support group

A beautiful online space of Global Kids Yoga Teachers, where we can support and inspire one another throughout the duration of the live training

"I absolutely LOVE all of Laura's trainings and masterclasses. They're all packed with super valuable information and the way she delivers them is very engaging, so much that it's always difficult for me to take breaks because I just want to keep on watching!
I totally recommend all of her resources!"

-Sylvia, Kids Yoga Teacher & Relax Kids Coach

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Total Value of the course: $1999

Todays Price: $650

** Payment Plan available

What you'll receive


New-found confidence and inspiration in all things children's yoga and mindfulness

5-Modules of valuable video training and Q&A calls


Fill-in-the-blank, copy-and-paste templates and PDF's to send to schools and yoga studios that you desire to work with

An abundance of practical strategies on family yoga, yoga nidra, kids meditation, behaviour management, promoting your courses, pricing your classes and business offerings

A specific formula for sequencing and leading your demonstration classes so that you can prosper in your yoga studio interviews and auditions

A library rich of creative meditation audios for children & families

My Top 10 Lesson Plans

12-Hours of Continuing Education Credits with the Yoga Alliance

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