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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are the Courses Certified?

Yes! Divine Light Yoga is a Registered Yoga School and Continuing Education Provider with the Yoga Alliance. Our 95-Hour Courses are certified by the Yoga Alliance; upon completion of this course, participants are given a certification in Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT 95-Hour). This is the certification that many yoga studios prefer their teachers to have and is designed for those who wish to lead Children's Yoga classes, programmes, events and courses, or for those that really wish to delve deeply into the world of children's yoga & mindfulness.


As a Continuing Education Provider, we also provide certificates for all of our other teachers workshops including our 5-Day Therapeutic Children's Yoga for Trauma, the Modular Children's Yoga Courses and our 2-Day Children's Yoga Workshops. These courses are designed for educators, therapists, parents and other professionals who wish to incorporate children's yoga into their daily lives, practice and sessions with children and teens.

2. Do I Need To Be a Qualified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200-Hour) In Order To Attend the Course?

No. Whilst it is highly beneficial to have a background in yoga, whether as a teacher or a student, we truly value the experience and knowledge of all participants who wish to share yoga with children & teens. We are fortunate that our community consists of educational professionals, therapists, health coaches, community & social workers, medical professionals, parents, yoga teachers and playful, curious yogis. We just ask that you have an open-mind and an eagerness to learn and share. We highly recommend that you have a regular yoga practice prior to the course, so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your own practice. 


3. I Am Not 'Super-Energetic', Athletic Or An Advanced Yogi, Can I Still Join?

Definitely! Our programme is unique in that we combine ALL aspects of yoga including breathing techniques, meditation, visualisations, mindfulness and yoga philosophy. Whilst fun yoga poses, sequences, dance and movement are an essential part of our course, we do not expect our teacher trainees to be advanced yogis or athletes. The physical form of yoga can be strengthening, empowering and inspiring whilst being gentle at the same time. We teach you how to guide and support children effectively, safely and playfully into more challenging poses, without necessarily having to demonstrate the poses yourself. We believe that yoga teaching is about guiding , supporting and empowering children - not about how well you can do a handstand. 

4. Can I Do the Therapeutic Children's Yoga Course Without the RCYT 95-Hour Certification?

Whist it is not compulsory for you to attend our RCYT 95-Hour course before attending our Therapeutic Children's Yoga Courses, we do highly recommend that you attend one of our Children's Yoga Workshops or Trainings in order to gain all the necessary fundamental techniques and tools of children's yoga. Our Therapeutic Courses are designed for those Registered Children's Yoga Teachers who wish to work within therapeutic environments or for therapists & health care professionals who wish to incorporate therapeutic yoga techniques into their regular sessions with children. Read more about our Therapeutic Children's Yoga programme.

5. How Do I Get There?

We recommend using sky to compare affordable flights from your home country. For further details on how to get to your specific resort, please click on the links below:




6. Can I Pay for Tuition Only?

Absolutely! If we are leading a training in your home town or if you prefer to find your own accommodation to suit your needs and budget, you can opt in to pay for tuition only. This option is available on all of our trainings' booking pages.

7. Is There A Payment Plan?

Yes. We understand that it is not always possible to pay the entire fee upfront. We do offer a payment plan of 3-installments to be paid in total 8-weeks before the training date. 

8. What Is Your Refund Policy?

We take a non-refundable deposit on our teacher training courses. For the remainder of the course payment, cancellations within 8-weeks of the training start date are not offered a refund but you can transfer onto any of our other trainings (even those that haven't been scheduled yet). We keep your payment as 'credit' so that you can attend another training that is more suitable for your location and date availability.  For our online courses, we do not offer a refund policy upon purchase.


9. Visas and Vaccinations 

We re fortunate enough to have a wide range of nationalities joining our trainings in a variety of wonderful locations across the world. Therefore, it is not possible to list all visa and vaccination requirements here. We recommend checking with your home countries embassy and your local doctor for advice on both visas and vaccinations.

10. Work-Trade and Discounts On Our Trainings?

Karma Yoga and supporting local non-profit organisations is a huge part of our ethos, which is why we work so closely with a number of small childrens charities, to provide support where ever we possibly can. 


 We also feel its important to keep our trainings small and intimate - so that you have the opportunity to fully connect with the group, your environment and your teacher. For these reason, we are not able to offer work-trade or discounts on our trainings. We hope that you can understand and respect our choice to support children and families who really need our financial support.


For those teacher trainees who are on a slightly smaller budget but still eagerly want to join our courses, you can opt into our tuition only investment so that you can find accommodation that suits your needs.

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