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Educate & Lead Parents in self-awareness & positive Mindset for Kids

Cultivate a community of mindful parents determined to share healthy mindset practices with their family

Online Training for children's yoga, meditation and mindfulness practitioners

Do you feel a need for more parent education and empowerment?


Do you want to learn how to engage and inspire parents to take action in their own family’s lives?


Do you feel excited or curious about leading workshops to parents?


Do you want to empower and inspire parents to create change in children’s lives?


Are you interested in creating a growing income in successfully leading parent workshops?

Then you're in the right place

"I was absolutely blown away by Laura and her incredible teaching methods" - Kerry, Kids Yoga Teacher

Like you, I see a real need for more parent education and empowerment.


Whether you’re working in a community in which the parents really want to stay informed or whether you’re working with a group that are skeptical of your teachings – you have so much to share with parents and it is your responsibility to do so, so that more children can benefit from your knowledge, skills and experience.

" Laura’s vast experience working with children and teens and her love for sharing and coaching helped each and everyone who sat in her workshop" - Cherlyn, Children's Yoga Teacher

Parent workshops and trainings have been something that I have been so passionate about leading for many years.


But when I led my first parent workshop 11 years ago - ‘How to support your child’s literacy development at home’- it was an epic failure.


I had created a fantastic presentation, full of knowledge, facts and practical tips but what I didn’t prepare for was, my nerves taking over me as I froze in front of 40 parents; the abundance of challenging questions that would follow; the disheartening feeling I had as I received disapproving looks from parents who disagreed with my teaching approach.


I left, feeling like an absolute failure.


And it was until 5 years later that I found the confidence to lead another parent workshop – this time, more prepared and with an abundance of strategies to get a hold of those nerves!


11 years after that first parent workshop, and I now fly all over the world, leading parent workshops in Mindfulness for Children, in schools, therapeutic and community centres.

It is such a joy to lead parent workshops,  not only because you're sharing your passion AND actually creating a growing income but because you are making a significant impact to the parents that you work with during your workshops.

Imagine earning over $2500usd for sharing a

3-hour workshop!

It is possible for you to prosper and profit, and I’m here to support you in doing that.

Do you want  to experience the absolute joy of leading parent workshops, empowering parents to share something SO valuable with their children whilst you create a growing income and positively serve your community?

I want to share with you, all you need to know about how to successfully and confidently lead parent workshops, so that you can educate and share with parents in your community - immediately.


After completing this short online course, you’ll feel empowered, confident and inspired to start creating an abundant and sustainable income through teaching parent workshops – instantly!


You’ll learn how to engage parents and create a supportive, open space for sharing and learning.


You’ll successfully and effortlessly lead parent workshops with ease and joy.


You’ll gain strategies to positively take the lead, creatively manage large groups, deal with challenging questions, organise your time and ensure everyone leaves feeling supported, inspired and excited for more.

The programme

- Course training video: Effectively Lead Parent Workshops so that you can thrive and prosper in your workshops

- Parent Workshop Lesson Plan

A done-for-you, tried-and-tested lesson plan for the  parent workshop "Growing Healthy Minds at Home", that you can start using immediately.

This is THE workshop that I am asked to lead Globally to parents all over the world, and with this detailed plan and guidance, you can do so too!


Total VALUE: $299usd


"Laura is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever come across in any field and exudes tons of passion for what she does; which is evident in how she talks about and teaches this practice"

- Jessica Ann, Social Worker & Yoga Teacher




Anxiety Eliminators

A guide to my favourite, super-practical, highly valuable techniques to eliminate nerves and anxiety before and during your workshops

VALUE: $59

The Top 3 Most Difficult Questions Asked By Parents (and how to answer them)

An easy script for answering the most difficult, on-the-spot questions that parents ask, so you wont be left feeling frozen – you’ll feel empowered, courageous and knowledgeable

VALUE: $150usd

My Video Sequence on Pricing & Promotion with Ease

Don't let pricing or promotion be the one thing that stands in your way of sharing this much-needed workshop in your community. Get my top tips and strategies for effective pricing and promoting your parent workshops, with ease.

Value: $90

TOTAL VALUE: $599usd

Introductory Price: $297usd

Educate & Lead Parents in self-awareness & positive Mindset for Kids

Cultivate a community of mindful parents determined to share healthy mindset practices with their family

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