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Eliminate hyper-activity, anxiety and emotional overwhelm in children, enhance their emotional intelligence, self-awareness and growth mindset, bring more calm, quiet, engagement and focus into your classroom.

"Laura is simply...changing the world, one child at a time! And I feel so lucky to have found the course, so I can do the same!"

-Audrey, Parent & Yoga Teacher

Are you experiencing this too?


I see children and teens suffering every day.

I see children as young as 4-years old with self-doubt and negative self-image, needing the right support to build confidence, self-worth and self-love.

I constantly see boys demonstrating characteristics of ADHD, feeling completely out of control of their own actions and feelings - but I KNOW they don't have ADHD, they just need the right guidance to find focus and release energy.

I observe teens glued to their screens, unable to connect with each other, their parents and the rest of society - and I know that all they need is 3-minutes of mindful meditation to feel connected to themselves and others.

Do you see this too? Do you feel that this is an ongoing problem in your classroom, school, community or Globally?


I really do and that's why i am sharing this course.

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" The course is packed with super valuable content presented at a very good pace and in a very easy to understand (and memorable) way. Laura is super engaging - it was difficult for me to take pauses - I kept on wanting to watch more and more!

This course has given me lots of wonderful and beautiful tools to properly guide meditation for children and teens. It also taught me to learn to adapt to the children needs, and how to make meditation accessible for all ages. It really opened my eyes in so many ways and it helped me become a much better teacher for the children.

I definitely recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn more about meditation for children and teens. School teachers, therapists, kids yoga teachers, parents, really anyone, this course will empower you to pass on the magic of meditation to children and teens!"

-Sylvia, Parent & Yoga Teacher









The course is led by certified, experienced yoga teacher and educator, Laura McEgan, who has over 18-years of valuable experience of working with children, teens and families in education, therapeutic and yoga settings. 


Laura's approach is interactive and highly engaging, creating a open-hearted, supportive and empowering space to learn and share.


We welcome individuals from all corners of the world, with a whole range of backgrounds, experiences, cultures, languages and professions. We have trained community workers from Guatemala, Play Therapists from Hong Kong, Social Workers from Singapore, Yoga Trainers from South Africa, Parents from Oman, Grandparents from India, Business Professionals from London, Speech Therapists from Austria, Elementary School Teachers from Canada, Sports Coaches from New York, Yoga Teachers from Australia.



 We truly believe that everyone has valuable experience to share with children, teens and families, through meditation and mindfulness.


We respect, honor and celebrate our differences (just as we do with children) and we find unity through our shared intentions of making great changes in the world through the power of therapeutic, playful, creative childrens mindful Meditation.

This course is for you if  you are:

  • An educator who wishes to integrate meditation into your every-day classroom routine and regular activities within your class schedule

  • A school therapist or counsellor who would like to use meditation techniques as an additional therapeutic technique and  to introduce self-regulation tools for children to use independently

  • Working as your school SENCO,  with special needs including ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Behavioural, Social & Emotional Disorders

" I have taken away SO much from this training: knowledge, ideas, resources, as well as real, practical ways to implement these into my own school. The programme was really well designed for maximum confidence building and covered so many different bases when working with children."

- Zoe, Primary School Teacher, Dubai


The programme includes:

                                     6-Modules of Online Master Classes - Over 12-Hours of video and audio training

                                         PLus My Resource Bank of Additional Videos and reading


                                     Additional Online masterclass: 'Yoga Nidra for Children & Teens'

                                         and 'Meditation for Children with Anxiety, Hyper-Activity  and overwhelm'



                                           Lesson plan samples and templates PLUS reflective journalling exercises

                                             Online support community

                                             20-Hours of Continuing Education with the Yoga Alliance 




























































Frequently asked questions

1. One question that surfaces over and over again is, “Will I have the time to do the course?”

 The course is completely self-paced and so there is no pressure on when you start or complete the course.

Laura will be active in the support community throughout the year, encouraging and motivating you to stay on track and offering additional live coaching calls or workshops

2. How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have 12-months access to this course - across any and all devices you own. After 12-months, you can join our membership in which you will have an additional 12-months to access the course including ALL new material, coaching calls and upgrades.

3. What if I need help with my practice teaching or assignments?

We have a wonderful online support community via a private Facebook group in which we encourage all students to share their ideas, experiences and questions.


In addition to receiving on-going support from Laura during the course, you will also receive guidance and creative ideas from your fellow students and previous graduates of our courses who are all yoga teachers, parents, educators, carers, therapists, educational psychologists and sports coaches - there is SO much valuable knowledge in this group!

4. What if I want to continue my learning journey with Divine Light Yoga?

We would love for you to continue your yoga journey with us! In addition to our online course, we lead Yoga Alliance certified Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings (RCYT 95-Hours) worldwide.

5. Is there a certificate awarded?

All of our courses are registered with the Yoga Alliance and we are a UK Registered Learning Provider. This means that upon completion you can register with the Yoga Alliance as 20-units of continuing education.


6. Can I teach meditation to children after I complete the course?

Absolutely! This course will fully prepare, motivate and inspire you to lead mindful meditation courses, classes and events for children, teens and families within a range of settings.

Our students that have completed the course have moved on to work in studios, schools, therapeutic clinics, sports coaching, special needs centres, community centres, health & well-being facilities and many more interesting spaces and organisations.




















Registrations close on 19th January 2019

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  1. NEW Course: 12-Steps to Playful & Positive Behaviour Management™ - An essential quick-start guide for teacher

  2. Time Creation Course - Practical strategies to integrate mindful meditation into your every day classroom

  3. Lesson Plan Workshop - I edit and coach you through teachers lesson plans to enhance your classes and EC courses

  4. My E-Book: Divine Light Yoga Visualisations for Children & Teens™ - over 15 scripts to ready-to-read for a 'quick-fix' for busy teachers

This Course is for you if:


  • You see and feel a need for change in your classroom, school, community and the world as a whole, and you want to step up and make that change through the healing affects of  mindfulness

  • You want to eliminate anxiety, overwhelm, hyper-activity, over-stimulation and anger difficulties within the children & teens in your care

  • You want to specialise in mindful meditation to offer something unique to your school

  • You have a deep connection to mindfulness and meditation or a real curiosity to delve deeper into yoga, meditation and mindfulness

  • You LOVE to share, learn, reflect and connect

  • You LOVE to be part of a supportive, conscious community in which you can feel empowered and inspired as well as empowering and inspiring others with your stories, experiences and mindful actions and words

Real Life Stories from our students


" I have an 8yr old boy in one of my classes who has been diagnosed with ADHD and always had a difficult time settling during the end relaxation.


He was always wildly moving his feet and legs, hands and arms, fidgeting, turning around, making noises, puffing... But after a few sessions, he's now able to stay completely still and quiet during the whole relaxation!!!


The funny part is that when I praised him for it the first time he said to me "oh really? I didn't even notice!"

On a personal level, meditation has changed a lot in our family. My husband and I feel much more at ease, we have learned to live in the moment, to enjoy NOW and accept it as it is, which saves a lot of fuss and stress even in "negative or bad" situations.

Our children LOVE to listen to Laura's visualisation before going to sleep, and we've noticed that when we skip this step they are restless in bed and it takes them much longer to fall asleep."

- Sarah, Parent

the Curriculum

Module 1: The 4-Stages of Meditation

Understanding the fundamentals of meditation for children and how to effectively prepare children for meditation, through an age-appropriate and creative manner so that any anxiety, over-stimulation or potential challenging behaviour is instantly eliminated.

Module 2: The Power of the Breath & Body

Here, we delve into using body scanning and breath awareness to engage children's minds and keep them focused and still. You may have tried this approach already, but my approach is creative, playful and completely different to other techniques that you have tried.

Module 3: The 4 M's: Mudras, Mantras & Moving Meditations

Using movement and music as a creative form to introduce concepts such as stillness, a calm, quiet-mind and compassion to young children and teens.

You'll feel excited to share a range of mantras, affirmations, mudras (traditional hand gestures for concentration) and moving meditations, including mindful eating and walking meditations so that you can integrate this into children's every day life.

Module 4: A Journey Through the Mind

This module focuses on engaging children's imagination and intuition in order to keep them focused and calm as well as enhancing their awareness, understanding and connection to concepts such as forgiveness, loving-kindness, gratitude, self-love and empathy.

This is a big module, and an absolute favourite! Not only will you have ready-to-read scripts but you'll learn how to quickly and effectively write and lead a visualisation for a particular theme, lesson and age.

Module 5: Mandala Meditations

All about mandala art meditations, both the therapeutic, self-reflective approach and the traditional approach to enhance mindfulness, patience and quiet. You'll feel confident and inspired to lead mandala art meditations to support children's mental health, social skills and emotional well-being.

Module 6: Create Your Course 

Supporting and guiding you to plan your own creative classes and Extra-curricular courses with ease and speed so that you can confidently start implementing children's meditation into your daily classroom and school programmes.

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A note from laura

"By investing in my Yoga Alliance Registered course to become a Mindful Meditation Teacher for Children & Teens, you can start teaching almost immediately.


With my support, not only will you learn all you could possibly need to feel confident and inspired to implement mindful meditation into your daily classroom, but you'll be empowered to create highly valuable classes and courses that children and parents will be lining up to join.


Within weeks, you'll transform your class from loud, over-stimulated, dis-engaged to focused, calm, compassionate, mindful and quiet.

Do you want to support children's emotional and mental well-being?

Would you like to transform your classroom from hyper-active, loud and disengaged to quiet, calm and focused?

Are you ready to bring more awareness, compassion and mindfulness into your daily classroom?


Do you want to empower children and young people to become mentally strong, emotionally balanced, aware, connected and confident in their own body?

Then this course is for you...

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