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Plan, Lead & Sell Kids Yoga Birthday Parties & Events
Deliver unique, mindful yoga birthday parties and events for kids and teens, with ease, fun & profit

Get practical ideas and techniques in how to create, manage, lead, sell and profit from mindful, unique, age-appropriate yoga birthday parties and events for kids and teens, with ease and fun

With the average children's birthday party entertainer earning $350usd an hour and the birthday party industry being worth over $2 Billion, you can start earning $400usd + whilst guiding children and teens through a more mindful and valuable birthday party that they'll remember and ask for, year after year.

'Laura is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever come across in any field and exudes tons of passion for what she does; which is evident in how she talks about and teaches this practice. I highly recommend This experience for anyone who wants to teach children!' - Jessica, Social Worker & Kids Yoga Teacher

This Masterclass is for you if:

You're an enthusiastic, action-taking newbie kids yoga teacher ready to start your kids yoga community and do purposeful work in the world

This Masterclass is  for you if:

You're a successful children's yoga teacher, longing to offer something unique, rich and valuable to your  community

This Masterclass is for you if:

You're well established in your community and you're ready to expand and diversify your reach and your profit

The online masterclass is led by certified, experienced yoga teacher and educator, Laura McEgan, who has over 18-years of valuable experience of working with children, teens and families in education, therapeutic and yoga settings. 


Laura's approach to teaching is interactive and highly engaging, creating an open-hearted, supportive and empowering space to learn and share.

" So many fantastic and creative ideas that I cannot wait to share with my community!" - Lisa, Kids Yoga Teacher

What's the difference between leading a yoga birthday party and a regular kids yoga class?

* Globally, there is more money being spent in children's birthday parties than in extra curricular activities and sports for kids, so parents expect their kids yoga birthday parties to be extra special and unique (not just a regular yoga class)

* The engagement levels, concentration and overall behaviour of children at birthday parties is completely different to those in a regular yoga class (think about all the additional sugar, high-energy music, lack of discipline, overall excitement that surrounds a kids birthday party - it's just not the same as a regular kids yoga class and so specialised techniques are needed!)

* As parents awareness of mindfulness, holistic life-styles, nutrition and conscious-parenting techniques increase, parents are looking for more meaningful, healthy alternatives to clowns, magicians and balloons for children and teens parties

*** Use all of the ideas, techniques and resources to lead other yoga events and parties such as festivals, holiday events, school events, specialised workshops for teens, and family events.

What you'll instantly gain:

- Age-appropriate games, activities, themes and resource ideas for children aged 3-16 years

- Package ideas and samples to increase your sales and make your birthday parties and events extra special and unique (stand out from the crowd)

- Easy to implement ideas on how to get your first birthday party job

- Pricing and marketing strategies to start making a profit on your kids yoga birthday parties and events, right away!

- All the ideas, techniques, confidence and inspiration (quite frankly, everything) that you could possibly need to know about creating, managing, leading, selling and profiting from mindful, unique, age-appropriate yoga birthday parties and events for kids and teens, with ease and fun

Plus my free BONUSES! Sign up right now to get access to:

>> My lesson plan template for yoga birthday parties and events, so that you can easily sequence and create your perfect kids yoga birthday party! (Value: $12usd)

>> A list of themes and resources to make your kids yoga birthday parties and events extra special, engaging and unique (Value: $15)

>> My video series on Mindful Marketing & Promoting your kids yoga classes, workshops and events (Value: $20usd)

>> An editable birthday party package & pricing list to send to your potential customers to increase sales and your profit (Value: $20usd)

Course Value: $150usd

"I absolutely LOVE all of Laura's trainings and masterclasses. They're all packed with super valuable information and the way she delivers them is very engaging, so much that it's always difficult for me to take breaks because I just want to keep on watching!
I totally recommend all of her resources!"

-Sylvia, Kids Yoga Teacher & Relax Kids Coach


FULL PRICE: $297usd

NOW: $150usd

** Payment Plan available

By the end of this Master Class, you will have knowledge, confidence and easy-to-implement techniques on:

Leading "Yoga-Spas" for Tweens and Teens

Age-appropriate yoga games and activities for each age group

Logistics and planning of time, resources and budget

Keeping the kids engaged, interactive and mindful during your party and event

Theming, creating and sequencing your event with ease

Pricing your birthday parties and events

Marketing, promoting and selling your birthday parties and events (with ease and for free!)

 Fun additionals to boost your uniqueness (and your profit)

Managing parents expectations and ensuring that everyone (including yourself) leaves feeling happy, energised and mindful

How to get started and get your first kids yoga birthday party or event!

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