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Online 18-hour course in children's yoga & meditation

Are you a teacher, childcare or healthcare professional who wants:

  • To support children in your regular work by increasing their self-regulation skills, confidence, resilience; helping them to focus, optimise their learning and expand their social and emotional skills

  • Understand and learn how yoga and meditation can be translated into a child-friendly, creative and engaging practice that actually gets kids to focus, release emotions and make healthy decisions


Or are you a parent or carer who wants:

  • To help your own children to feel safe and calm; increase their resilience, confidence and emotional stability and support them to be kind, strong, communicative individuals

  • To share your love of yoga and mindfulness with your own kids and teens – to help them to start their own yoga routine that benefits their mental and emotional health

  • Strengthen your connection with your own children and teens through something meaningful and valuable that you can easily do together on a regular basis

In this 18-hour teacher training, Lead Teacher Laura shares her 20-years experience of education, family support and yoga practice, combining the three to provide a unique approach to children's yoga and meditation that is playful, educational and therapeutic, ensuring that all aspects of a child's development and health are supported and improved through specific strategies, formulas and creative techniques (that actually work!)



" This course is a fantastic learning experience that incorporates education, fun, a sense of community and equips you to enter the yoga for children business world with tools, confidence and enthusiasm. Laura has a professional and thorough programme, with an approachable teaching style accessible to people from all backgrounds of work and with all ambitions of use for the course. I cannot recommend Divine Light Yoga highly enough."  

- Naomi, Pediatric Doctor

who is this training for?

We welcome individuals from all corners of the world, with a whole range of backgrounds, experiences, cultures, languages and professions. We have trained community workers from Guatemala, Play Therapists from Hong Kong, Social Workers from Singapore, Yoga Trainers from South Africa, Parents from Oman, Grandparents from India, Business Professionals from London, Speech Therapists from Austria, Elementary School Teachers from Canada, Sports Coaches from New York, Yoga Teachers from Australia.


  If you'd like to learn new skills and knowledge on how to effectively and creatively share yoga and meditation techniques with 3-16 year olds in your family, your community or your day-to-day work, but you're not ready to sign-up to the full 95-hour teacher training yet, then this 18-hour course  is the perfect course for you.



" The training was everything I expected and more. Laura provides a very in depth training covering all age groups from toddlers to teens in a variety of areas from visualizations to inversions to Hindu Mythology. I am so excited to use my new skills and tools in my classes. I have also taken several of Laura’s online trainings and they have also been fantastic! It was so wonderful to finally meet her in person and I look forward to continuing my studies and practice with her."

Kristy, Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner


Firstly, I would like to say that Laura is a fantastic, caring and knowledgeable teacher. I learned so much over the 10 day course, all of which I now feel confident to instantly use to teach my own children's yoga and meditation classes.

Laura instantly made me feel at ease and part of the group, all of whom arrived with a range of multicultural teaching and yoga experience. Her considerable depth of knowledge and practical experience of yoga, meditation, child development, teaching across the age ranges and pedagogical methods were instantly apparent and confidently communicated to each member of the group.


Laura made sure that there were many opportunities to practically apply what we were learning within the group and within a class with the local children.

If you are thinking of attending one of Laura's courses, do not hesitate. It will be the journey of a lifetime both for yourself and for the children you will teach afterwards.


-Alex, Early Years Educator


The Curriculum

Through interactive, self-paced & engaging workshops you'll learn:

  •  Techniques and activities to introduce breath-work that will support children's mental health and well-being during every day experiences such as anxiety, sleep difficulties, overwhelm and hyper-activity.

  • A range of classic and more creative, age-appropriate yoga poses and sequences, and how to teach this to each age group in an interactive and engaging way

  • Safe practice when teaching yoga poses - what is developmental and age-appropriate and what to avoid

  • Creative meditations, including visualisations and moving meditations so that you will confident to share a range of different meditation techniques to children aged 3-18 years old, tailored towards their needs

  • Partner and group yoga fun for all ages, including mixed age-groups and family yoga

  • Incorporating art, music, dance and nature into children’s yoga

  • Behaviour management in the yoga class so that you can feel confident to manage a group of children, in a positive and playful manner that enhances their social and behaviour skills



What You'll Learn on This Course


Yoga fundamentals for children aged 3-16 years old

We start the training by preparing you to work with children and young people by supporting you to understand developmental stages, the fundamentals of psychology and brain development, children's behaviour and learning styles.

We look at key teaching methodology to ensure that your kids yoga sessions are always interesting, engaging and creative, so that you can fully support all elements of children's physical, emotional and mental well-being through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and mindset practices.


Teaching Yoga to Different Age Groups

You’ll learn creative, safe, practical and meaningful practices for each of the age groups - early years, middle-school and tweens

By combining developmental stages, psychology and brain development to understand specific yoga, meditation, breathing and mindset practices to support each individual age group in your kids and teens yoga classes.

You'll have knowledge, skills and ideas on how to effectively plan and lead movement practices through art, music, imagination, journaling, group discussions and therapeutic play practices in order to fully support children and young people with:
* Relationship and communication skills
* Confidence and resilience
* Compassionate communication and social skills
* Self-regulation and emotional awareness

Visualisation & Meditation Techniques for Children & Teens

You'll gain a basic knowledge of a range of techniques and teaching methodology to creatively share meditations including visualisations and specific techniques to promote patience, emotional release and concentration


"Laura is inspiring and I came away confident to move forward in my goal of becoming a children’s yoga teacher. Go for it - you won’t look back"
- Ellen, Primary School Teacher

"Laura is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever come across in any field and exudes tons of passion for what she does; which is evident in how she talks about and teaches this practice."
- Jessica, Educational Psycholgist

" I am now inspired and confident to put my training to use in the community. 


The whole course was exceptionally well run using practical examples sprinkled with latest theory in how children learn. As a primary school teacher, I was super impressed by the pace of the course and Laura's ability to cater for all learning styles during the training". 

- Luke, Early Years Educator

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